Sydney Expat' Guide

All the useful information for the preparation of your expatriation to Australia, from your integration and your administrative formalities in the state of New South Wales, to your everyday life in Sydney. It will no longer be a secret for you.


Based on a personal experience

After several years spent in Sydney, we have decided to share our personal experience in order to assist you in your settlement and your administrative formalities:

  • Choice and formalities to obtain the right visa,
  • Administrative formalities in Australia (health care, taxes, bank, automotive...),
  • Job hunt and work contract,
  • Home-hunt (overview of the suburbs, where to look? ...),
  • Daily life in Sydney (public transport, telephone, internet, shopping...),
  • Life as an expatriate (communication, formalities...),
  • Additional advice for French people,
  • ...


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Even more...

In order to assist and help you even more, this page gives you a list of tools to:

Income Tax

Estimate your income tax.

Sydney Map

Find your way around the different suburbs of Sydney.